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Mentoring and Coaching


It is contingent on us as a provider of public funding that we are doing everything we can to reduce the risk of displacing commercial activity. In the context of Mentoring and Coaching, this means that we cannot pay for services that a business would ordinarily purchase independently.


In this regard there are increasingly stringent rules we need to work to, which may impact the businesses you can work with as a mentor.


As a business providing mentoring and coaching services funded through an Unlocking Potential programme, we ask that:

  • You do not provide mentoring services to a business where you have previously had a commercial arrangement for this subject area.
  • The work you do as a mentor or coach, and the time you spend with your allocated clients, only upskills them. You cannot undertake work for the business.
  • If you are asked to provide additional services for the business, the business needs to inform us. We ask that there is a one month cooling off period between the mentoring or coaching and any commercial work being undertaken. We will recommend that the business obtains three quotes, which is our standard recommendation to a business signed up to one of our programmes when they are making a purchase.


If you have any questions, please contact your UP account manager.