Future Focus Success Story: SC Nutrition

Future Focus:
SC Nutrition,
A Success Story

SC Nutrition operate in the challenging dairy farming sector. This is how they have innovated to thrive with the help of Future Focus.

SC Nutrition puts innovation at the heart of their business.

Director, Steve Chapman, describes his company, SC Nutrition, as “a very traditional business”.  

Started seven years ago, SC Nutrition specialises in feed supplies and advice to the dairy farming sector. One of the biggest challenges his business faces is that it operates in a contracting market and with fewer customers, innovation is more important than ever.  

With much of the innovation in this industry coming from the USA, it recently benefited when Future Focus was able to fund a fact-finding trip for one of its graduate employees, to the Renaissance Nutrition Conference in Pennsylvania and then on to Utah to work with world leading ruminant nutritionist, Dr Rachael Christensen. Commenting on the trip, Steve said: 

We’re now looking at new software and computer programs off the back of that trip.  

One new market opportunity that SC Nutrition is looking to break into exploring is India, which, has “huge potential” with more dairy farms than anywhere in the world. Through Future Focus, the company has been receiving one-to-one coaching from exporting expert and Future Focus mentor, David Bone. They have also been working with Exeter University on cow feeding and nutrition, and the market in southern India.  

David Bone has also been helping SC Nutrition to scale up the business, growing from just Steve and his wife two years ago, to a team of four. Reflecting on the programme support received from Future Focus, Steve said: 

What has Future Focus brought to us? Confidence. It can be lonely out there for a business owner, expected to come up with a lot of answers. Someone to talk to and lean on a bit has been useful.

The programme has also allowed us to progress in areas we would not normally see as priority. We might have winged it a bit if it wasn’t for the programme!

And we probably wouldn’t have given the Indian project as much attention if it wasn’t for the help of David Bone.

Speaking to Unlocking Potential Programme Director, Allyson Glover about the bank of coaches accessible via the Future Focus programme, she comments:

The beauty of having someone like David Bone on our books is that he is an export specialist as well as a scaling-up in business specialist. He was a brilliant fit for what Steve was looking at and an example of how the support we give can range from the very general to the very specific. 

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