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New Business Success Story: JUBEL Beer

New Business Success Story: JUBEL Beer

Cornish beer infusions brand launches in Sainsbury’s.


JUBEL, Cornwall’s start-up beer infusions brand, in November announced its first national supermarket listing after being approached by Sainsbury’s.

Created in Cornwall by local lad Tom Jordan and Uni friend Jesse Wilson, the JUBEL boys are on a mission to pioneer a new category to cut through the beer and cider market.

Inspired by a ski trip in the Alps, Tom and Jesse discovered a dangerously refreshing beer tradition which swiftly became the beer style they wanted to drink that no one brewed. The lager is brewed to be dry and when infused results in a light‐bodied and well‐balanced taste, delivering the refreshment of a fruit cider, with the ‘session-ability’ of a crisp lager.  There are two variants, ‘Alpine’ beer cut with Peach and ’Urban’ beer cut with Elderflower.

Tom attended the Breakthrough Workshop to Propel the Product


After testing the market for JUBEL at a few festivals across Cornwall in summer 2016, Tom, who lives in Falmouth, attended the Unlocking Potential Breakthrough workshop keen to propel the product into a commercial proposition.


Tom recalls, “The advice and expert knowledge we received from the Business Development Managers at Unlocking Potential provided the business with initial structure and challenged us to think BIG”

Jubel Beer launches in Sainsburys

Jubel Beer launches in Sainsburys

We are flying the entrepreneur flag for Cornwall


He continues, “It’s been amazing to feel that shift in demand and to be approached by Sainsbury’s to list JUBEL – we didn’t expect national retail to be knocking on the door 18 months in, but it’s a nice challenge to have!  We’re super proud to be flying the flag for successful entrepreneurialism here in Cornwall. It’s been a whirlwind since day one, with 300 accounts in our first 3 months, a sell‐out London launch in Selfridges, The UK’s best Fruit Beer 2018 World Beer award and Sainsbury’s wanting to launch us nationally. It’s been a bit of a mad year!”

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