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New Business Success Story: Bodds Swimwear

Success Story: Bodds Swimwear

Bodds Swimwear Is

Bodds Swimwear is a fashion focussed, supportive swimwear especially designed for growing bodies.

Founder Claire Scipio, developed her idea of age-appropriate swimwear with the support of Breakthrough, an ERDF-funded programme helping new businesses to thrive and succeed, and is now in the process of manufacturing her female-friendly range of costumes in time for the start of summer.

“By working with and listening to what girls wanted from their swimming costumes, Bodds began to take shape. Requests included something they felt confident in, wouldn’t rise up when they jumped around, would support their bodies as they changed during puberty and yet also enabled them to grow into young women; feminine shapes and fashionable colours.”

Before Breakthrough

Claire says she came up with the idea after a fruitless shopping trip with her 14-year-old daughter. She wanted a bikini but the choice on the high street was push-up padding and string bikinis, childish immature styles or frumpy sportswear. Claire desperately wanted her daughter to look and feel good but was frustrated by the styles in the shops or online. So she started sketching swimwear ideas herself and Bodds Swimwear was born.

What Did Breakthrough Do

Claire had a idea, and a passion but didn’t know how to turn her idea into a profitable business.

“I needed help to get started. That’s when I found the Breakthrough for start-ups programme from Oxford Innovation and Unlocking Potential.

Firstly, I attended a fantastic two day workshop. That’s where I met my Business Development Manager, Lucy Cox, and she encouraged me over the course of the two days to speak up, find my voice, and be confident in what I had to say about my business. She prodded and poked where necessary and I am so glad she did as I have not stopped shouting about my business since!

Since then I have met Lucy at various one-to-one mentoring sessions, where she has really helped me develop my business idea, think of new routes to business and generally been a sounding board for me to bounce ideas off.

I still have lots of work to do but I honestly believe without the help of Breakthrough I would still be just talking about my ‘idea’ instead of promoting my business to potential investors and supporters.”

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