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  • Leaders in conversation_ Amanda Winwood and Daniel Gradwell

Leaders in Conversation: Episode 1

Leaders in Conversation: Episode 1

Amanda Winwood & Daniel Gradwell

We’ve been trying to get to the core of what makes Cornish business leaders tick. What keeps business owners up at night? How do they keep their teams inspired? How do they deal with set-backs? What do they think makes a good leader?

To get real, honest answers to these questions we decided to pair business leaders up, so they could ask each other the often difficult questions about what it takes to grow a business and a workforce. Examining the highs and lows of their entrepreneurial journeys, here is our Leaders in Conversation series.

Episode one features Daniel Gradwell, Managing Director at design and branding agency Kingdom and Sparrow and Amanda Winwood, owner of Made for Life Organics. Dan and Amanda have worked together in the past and both have established businesses that are currently seeing substantial growth. Kingdom and Sparrow started their relationship with Unlocking Potential six years ago when they attended a start-up business workshop. Through their start-up support, they decided to niche themselves as a branding agency specialising in food, drink and lifestyle products and have gone from strength to strength since. Made for Life Organics, set up by Amanda, produce skincare made by hand in Cornwall using herbs, flowers and oils. Amanda has recently set up the Made for Life Foundation, which supports those facing cancer. Here, they share personal insights into their business journeys with a candid conversation on the highs and lows of leadership.

Dan and Amanda have both had a lot of support for their businesses through the Unlocking Potential Future Focus programme, including attending events, labs, recruitment support and having one on one mentoring. They both also came on a trip to London to visit Innocent’s Fruit Towers.

Future Focus combines inspiration, cutting-edge thinking and practical resources. It’s been created – in partnership with the University of Exeter -for Cornwall and IOS-based business leaders who want to accelerate growth, reduce risk and create change.

Leaders in conversation_ Amanda Winwood and Daniel Gradwell

Leaders in conversation_ Amanda Winwood and Daniel Gradwell

If you are a business leader who is looking to innovate and accelerate growth in your business, you can find out more about Future Focus Events and Labs here or email hello@unlocking-potential.co.uk.
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