Future Focus Success Story: Touchbyte

Future Focus:
A Success Story

Touchbyte received recruitment and mentoring support through the Future Focus programme to help develop their business in key areas.

Innovative tech is the USP behind Touchbyte. 

Looking at points of friction in our daily lives and trying to eradicate them using face recognition technology, is the USP unique selling point behind Jeremy Sneller’s business – Touchbyte 

For the past five years, Touchbyte has been on a real journey innovating this technology; as it looks to building applications for specific niche markets such as retail, transport, hotels etc.   

It, too, has benefited from the graduate recruitment help with supported jobs for a software engineer and junior software engineer. The video below highlights some of the recruitment and mentoring support Touchbyte has had through Future Focus. 

Reflecting on some of the highlights he has received from Future Focus, Jeremy said: 

The innovation coaching we received from Angelo Spencer-Smith really impacted us. He is now part of the team and comes in one day a week to help us. What started out looking at the brand and where we were going, is now embedded into what we’re doing in the future. It has been massively valuable. 

While Jeremy says it is difficult to know exactly where Touchbyte would be today without Future Focus, he is in no doubt that the impact has been significant.

It has meant we have done things we maybe wouldn’t have done.  Future Focus has helped us grow the visibility of the company so much through our marketing mentoring. The likes of Microsoft and IBM have approached us, which wouldn’t have happened had we not been so visible.

Jeremy says that by attending some of the Future Focus events and labs, he has been able to meet other people, not necessarily doing the same thing, but going through the same pains and challenges. People and businesses he probably wouldn’t have otherwise have come across. Jeremy said:

It has helped provide a helicopter view of what we’re doing and where we are going. 

Programme Director for Unlocking Potential, Allyson Glover, said: 

Many businesses don’t have time to talk to others that are in the same situation as them.  We forget these guys are trying to motivate their teams, but who motivates the motivators? A lot of these things are about energising. It’s about being able to have those conversations you’re having in your head, out loud with an expert. 

Jeremy added: 

As leader of a team, everyone is looking to you. Yes, you can share things, but they’re looking to you to make a decision and at the end of the day if you can make that decision intelligently having spoken to other people who have had similar problems, to me, that’s massively beneficial. 

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 This success story has been written in conjunction with Business Cornwall.