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Future Focus Success Story: Solve Web Media

Future Focus Success Story: Solve Web Media

 The impact that the Future Focus programme has had on web design and SEO business, Solve Web Media, has, according to founder and director, Lawrence Harmer, been “huge”.

Just four years ago Lawrence was working on his own out of the garden shed, and now employs a team of eight. He comments on the growth of his business over such a short period of time:

Four years ago had so much demand. I know it’s really bad, but I turned my website off! I couldn’t cope.

David Bone (one of the Future Focus Innovation Coaches) told me if I increase my prices by 50%, even if I lost a third of all my customers, then I’d have more time and more money! Turns out I didn’t lose one customer. But as a result my turnover increased, which meant I could employ my first person and help my company grow. So, from four years ago, in my shed, it changed everything.

Since then Lawrence has attended a number of Future Focus events, which have again helped shape the business to what it is today. He particularly highlights a Lab Trip for creative industries to the International Business Festival in Liverpool last year. He said:

That was one of the most inspirational trips I’ve been on; that one trip shaped our business quite a lot.


Lawrence met Matt Hocking from Leap Media and was inspired to pursue the BCorp social and environmental recognition.

Consequently, Solve has adopted a number of sustainable initiatives. It’s offices at Winnard’s Perch are solar powered, it offers client hosting on 100% renewable powered servers, and free websites for good causes. Commenting on his businesses eco-friendly approach and recognition of CSR (corporate social responsibility), he said:

We are educating our clients as well. The other day we had a cleaning company from London see us for a website, after a quick chat we changed them to an eco-cleaning company just by changing a few chemicals they used. It completely changes that business, giving them a USP.


Programme Director, Allyson Glover, said:

Cornwall is often criticised for its lack of ambition, but its not about lack of ambition, there are many, many business owners who are uncomfortable with the image of business today being all about profit. Now, more than ever before, business is so much more than profit alone, and business owners can absolutely tap into that.  Business can be about whatever the business owner wants it to be. Some of the work I love most is enabling people to tap into their inner self and create business they want to create.


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 This success story has been written in conjunction with Business Cornwall. Read more about the Future Focus journey Solve Media has been on.