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Future Focus Success Story: Everest Media

Future Focus Success Story: Everest Media

Established in 2014, in the North West of England, Everest Media decided to pursue a new business model, scaling up from a lifestyle business to become an established presence with 16-17 staff. A key part of this growth plan was the move to Cornwall, where the company established an office in Pool Innovation Centre.

Having taken the decision to scale up, the company has taken steps to re-position itself in the market place – ensuring that its portfolio of clients and projects matched their commercial aspirations to deliver, build and optimise digital platforms. Delivering commercial and operational excellence proved essential to the next stage of growth that enabled them to take on larger projects.

When seeking business support options, the company found that many appeared to be offering basic business skills rather than the growth support they were looking for. The Unlocking Potential Project stood out as offering support to established businesses that wanted to grow. The salary subsidy support was particularly appealing, helping to de-risk employment growth.

As well as salary subsidies, Everest benefited from support to develop their staff team through both group based and 1:1 training sessions. Highly specialised content, such as the ‘Continuous Delivery workshops’ were the most useful and as a result the company is re-visiting some of their development processes.

Dean Marcussen joined Everest Media as a Senior Developer with the goal of building the company’s internal software development team. “Through the help of unlocking potential, and the mentoring I’ve received we have been able to grow the team. The mentoring has been very worthwhile, as this is the first time I’ve been directly involved with refining, and driving a recruitment process, and we’re very pleased with the great team we’ve been able to build as a result of this.”

Access to specific training resources to respond to situations as they arise has also been beneficial. Danielle Chapman joined the company as Junior Digital Marketer, and explains

My role developed quickly over the first few months with Everest, so it was great to know that Unlocking Potential could arrange training and mentoring that would help me to build necessary skills as I began working on new projects.

Although at times the amount of paperwork involved has seemed daunting, this has been outweighed by the benefit to the business as a whole and to the individuals who received the support.

Without the support from the program, they would have looked elsewhere for training and HR support, although this would have taken them longer to pursue. Future Focus has therefore helped them to bring forward HR development activity as part of their wider scale up plans. Although immediate bottom-line impact has been limited, a solid basis has been set for future growth.

As company director Samuele Armondi put it:

We’ve recruited six staff members through Future Focus and what’s been really nice about the programme is that it’s helped us in different ways for each one of those vacancies. The six roles have been spread through most of the business and through Future Focus we’ve been able to offer those new staff mentoring, which we wouldn’t have been able to provide otherwise, so it’s been brilliant in that sense.

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