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Future Focus Success Story: Cornwall Physio

Future Focus Success Story: Cornwall Physio

Cornwall Physio is a physiotherapy clinic specialising in the treatment of runners and sports people, with the aim to ‘help active adults, athletes and runners in Cornwall to move better, stay active and keep doing the things they love, without frustrating aches and pains’. 

Set up in 2011 by Louise Nicholettos on a fairly casual basis, the company has gone from strength to strength in recent years.  In 2017 Louise created The Run Lab® a 3D gait analysis facility which provides movement data to help runners and athletes overcome injury as well as improve their technique.  She has made further updates to The Run Lab®, keeping up-to-date with new technologies and created one of the best gait analysis facilities in the UK.  In addition, last year she invested in a complete renovation of the clinic, including an anti-gravity treadmill and rehabilitation gym. In 2019, Louise took on two new full-time members of staff. 

The challenges of the recruitment process motivated Louise to get in touch with the Future Focus programme, which was recommended to her by a contact.  With appointment waiting lists rapidly growing, Louise urgently needed an additional physiotherapist. The Future Focus team stepped in and helped her with the job description and supported the interview process, with her Business Development Manager supporting on the interview panel with her.  This support was really valuable, helping Louise appraise the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. After two rounds of interviews she found the right person and continued support from Future Focus has enabled her to structure their role development. 

Helping me find the right person has helped enormously.  Without the guidance and support from Future Focus, I would probably have recruited the wrong person.

Employing a new physiotherapist has enabled the business to support more customers with a direct impact on the bottom line.   

The business has also benefited from labs and innovation coaching to support the company’s marketing strategy.  These were helpful and the company has been able to put into implement actions straight away and has plans to complete the more resource intensive activity in due course. 

Cornwall Physio have also taken part in a knowledge placement, with Future Focus enabling them to visit and experience first-hand cutting edge dynamic 3D assessment technology at the Runners’ Lab in Belgium.  The Runners Lab has some of the best facilities in the world outside universities and is the place where professional runners go for gait analysis.   Louise went there to see what they do and how they have integrated technology into their business. This has inspired Louise to consider how she can make the best use of her own Run Lab technology and she may introduce new services in the future.  

As well as different Future Focus products, Louise found support from her Business Development Manager particularly helpful, in Louise’s words: 

Having my BDM there was particularly helpful.  She mentored me through the process, provided me with a sounding board and gave me advice when I really needed it. It helped a lot’

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