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Future Focus Success Story: Buzz Interactive

Future Focus Success Story: Buzz Interactive

Newquay-based web development company Buzz Interactive has been involved with Future Focus and earlier UP programmes for the past ten years, ever since hiring its first member of staffwho, incidentally, is still with the company. 

Since 2009, Buzz has grown to a team of 12 and works on a number of highprofile projects for the likes of Barclays, Tesco Mobile and Transport for London.

Director Lindsey Axten isn’t ashamed to admit that Buzz has taken full advantage of the Future Focus programmes offer, from events and labs, jobs, knowledge exchange, market research and analysis and a resource grant to further develop its Virtual Reality capabilities. Reflecting on the support received, Lindsey says:

I’ve been on so many Labs and courses. I was very lucky to have been on the Innocent Smoothies trip where we went up to London to visit Innocent’s HQ Fruit Towers for the Brand and Culture Lab which was brilliant.

When at some of these events, she says it can be easy to feel a bit guilty sometimes, with thoughts that you should be back in the office. Feeling you should be back in the office where the day-to-day is happening. Future Focus is all about what’s on the horizon for your business a factor vital to the success of so many small businesses, as Lindsey explains:

When you get back into the office, you soon realise what you have gained makes it all worthwhile. Having been involved for so many years, I would advise businesses to take everything they can. Something positive will always come out of the experience. It’s very easy to say you haven’t got time for that, but you should find time. There is always something to gain.

A traditional challenge in Cornwall for companies in the IT & digital sectors is recruitment. And while organisations like Software Cornwall have really upped the game for tech companies, finding people of the right quality is still tough. Programme Director for Unlocking Potential says:

We have seen with many clients that what limits their growth is attracting and recruiting quality people. One of the things we were able to do with Buzz was help them stand out in their recruitment. We were able to make a small recruitment video for them which made a massive difference.

Find out more about the support Future Focus can offer businesses across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, contact our client services team on 0845 600 3660 or email hello@unlocking-potential.co.uk

This success story has been written in conjunction with Business Cornwall.