Future Focus Success Story: Assentech

Assentech: A success story

Growth Planning Innovation day cemented their 2021 business strategy

Growth Innovation Day helped cement Assentech’s 2021 strategic plan

Deep in the Roseland Peninsula’s rolling countryside you’ll find Assentech: a husband and wife-led team which develops and supplies safety equipment for the fluid transfer and flammable liquid storage industry. They work with distilleries, oil and gas plants and household brands such as Cadbury’s and Nestlé.

After twenty years in the business, Ewart, my husband, started Assentech out of frustration!

Says Debbie.

We specialise in supplying a high-quality breather valves that fit on top of tanks allowing the tank to ‘breathe’ when required and retain harmful vapours at all other times. We found that competitors were supplying cheaper versions that are not third party certified for capacity or leak tested at the factory. We’d heard of horrendous cases where uncontrolled clouds of methane greenhouse gasses were leaking from biogas plants from vents that were neither designed or tested for functionality in accordance with the standards.

Assentech’s products and expertise are rated so highly that the Environment Agency brought Ewart in as an expert adviser to train their Inspectors and contribute to the development of future guidelines.

Growing at pace, Assentech contacted Unlocking Potential for guidance and reassurance, and the chance to reflect on their purpose and develop a new strategic direction.

Debbie continues:

We attended the Growth Planning & Innovation Day; it was so powerful! It took us back to the start of our business, made us reflect on our core value and what we want to focus on. You can lose yourself in planning and the financial side, resources, and the day-to-day, but it all stems from the mission statement. That day had an impact on the whole business and cemented our 2021 business strategy.

Additionally, and importantly for the business’s new strategic direction, Assentech were awarded a grant through the Future Focus programme to secure patent advice and the IP for the world’s first portable test bench.

The launch of the bench is a pivotal moment for the business; using sophisticated neural networking software and lightweight portable hardware that was designed in-house. This will allow end-users to minimize fugitive emissions and maximize profitability on their storage facilities.

Debbie and Ewart recently travelled to Germany to pitch the portable test bench concept, and when the orders are fulfilled, it will give the stability the company needs to grow further.

Future Focus Business Development Manager, Carolyn Inger has been working with Assentech prior to and throughout the Covid 19 pandemic and will continue to provide support in the future. She says:

Assentech have worked hard to continue to grow and develop their business through the recent difficult times of the pandemic, and the possibility of international orders are a great potential for their future success. Through the Future Focus programme, in the past few months, we have been working on a range of business areas, including vision, brand, finances, marketing and new product development – it’s wonderful to see this work starting to pay off. Further support is also planned to help with recruitment of an extra staff member to strengthen their marketing and business development further.

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