Future Focus: Future and
Innovation Planning Sessions

We’ll help you take a detailed, objective look at your business to prepare a recovery plan


We look at how your business has been affected by Covid-19, helping you figure out what you could be doing to pivot your business model or regain some lost ground by understanding what stage your business is at now, particularly what’s changed, work out what might be holding you back and what changes you want to make for your ‘new business as usual’.

We run these sessions every month, in three online sessions over the course of a week. Each session last three hours, and every business who takes part has a Business Development Manager who works with them throughout – this is a highly interactive workshop that gives you a clear strategy and actions to take at the end.


During session 1, guided by an experienced Business Development Manager (BDM) and the help of our brilliant interactive tools, you’ll review the 6 business fundamentals, assessing your business against each one, working out your current challenges and barriers and honing in on your opportunities to recover and grow. We’ll also take a good look at what success looks like for you personally and your business in the future, so that your new plan will deliver exactly what you need.


Session 2 introduces you to our interactive diagnostic tool which enables you to re-evaluate the position you find yourself in now and how you might want to change or adapt. It takes into account your current business model and offers clues and suggestions about how you can pivot. We also help you to evaluate what you want out of the business in the future and guide and help you to make positive change. The diagnostic process provides you with a clear, understandable and actionable plan to move forward.


A deep dive into all areas of your business, look into your individual journey and shining a light and preparing you for what you can expect ahead. Whether that’s growing your turnover or working out how you can innovate to stay ahead. Your BDM will enable you to prioritise the couple of key areas of focus in the session, which will become the first steps of your actionable growth and recovery plan. Time spent with us will give you the perspective and clarity you need to see your business potential clearly, navigate you through the uncertainty of Covid19 and help you to plan for a future of stability and growth.

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Time away from the day-to-day of your business might feel like the last thing you need, but time spent with us will give you the perspective and clarity you need to see your business in a new light, work out where it is and grasp the opportunities to grow.