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InFocus helps growing businesses with a turnover between £85k to £500k plan for the next stage with fresh eyes and renewed energy. You’ve told us that you need help to set your direction, define your goals, overcome the difficult stuff and focus on tomorrow with greater confidence and clarity. That’s what InFocus provides, through ERDF-funded events, workshops and one-to-one support. We know you’re probably incredibly busy, but to evolve you need to turn your attention to your business, not your everyday. We’ll help you gain confidence to create a robust plan for the next stage of your business, and transition from a successful entrepreneur and business owner into a leader and manager of an exciting new chapter.

Plus the range to practical tools available through InFocus means you can turn your plans into reality.

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What do I get from the InFocus Programme?

  • Growth planning workshops to take your business to the next stage
  • InFocus Events for quick hits of relevant knowledge on core business functions
  • Business Development Managers to give you a sounding board, helping you gain clarity and confidence
  • Resources like grants, jobs support and coaching to put your new plans into action.


Because we know how busy you are, our Business Espresso half-dayers are all about getting to the point. Just bring your full attention and a willingness to be honest. Business Espresso events are short, sharp, undiluted pick-me-ups: all content, no filler, maximum impact.

Our next Business Espresso morning is on Wednesday 4th December 2019 at St Austell, Conference Centre 8am-11am |  Book your place here

If you thought you were getting the best from your phone, Kate Doodson from Cosmic UK is here to tell you how this handy piece of tech is a great way to improve your productivity day-to-day. This short sharp breakfast event will introduce you to some key time saving efficiency tools to run your business more effectively, boosting productivity, streamlining your day, keeping things ticking over. A self-proclaimed ‘geek girl’, Kate knows the apps, platforms, tools and techniques to iron out your daily wrinkles and take the sting out of sales meetings, client appointments, networking, event planning and social media management. And once you’ve been clued-up it’s time to get hands-on. Have a play at our mini ‘Gadget Show’ where we will introduce you to technologies that could help you improve your productivity. Have a close-up look at the hardware, software, gadgets, accessories and connectors which exist purely to take the furrows from your brow and the recover extra hours from your day. Book your place here





When we say ‘ready’, we mean it. Time for a reality check. Well, a whole series of them, actually. As part of the InFocus programme, and leading on from our Business Espresso half-dayers, these CLOSE-UP one-day sessions help you take a detailed, dispassionate, forensic look at what your business does, where it’s up to, and where it’s going. These are intensive, one-to-one facilitated days; you’ll focus – relentlessly and systematically – on every element of your business. As far from idle navel-gazing as you can get, this rigorous questioning and analysis leads to diagnosis and planning. By subjecting your business to this level of scrutiny, you can expect to emerge with a detailed and specific action plan and, dependent on the outcome, with recommendations or sign-posting in a range of areas, whether it’s for one-to-one coaching, input from a Business Development Manager, financial planning, or whatever else you might need. Only thing is, until you take a proper look, you won’t know what it is you need. So, like we said: are you ready?


This 2-part workshop is designed to help you understand the role and significance of a clear vision, mission and values and how to ensure they underpin every part of your business – from the inside out. Knowing who you are, what you stand for and how your business behaves internally and externally will lead to a more robust team, stronger competitive advantage and a loyal customer base. Two of our expert facilitators, Sally Read and Chloe Windo, are joining forces to bring you a fresh blend of creative brand development and people, processes and strategy to give you the knowledge and practical toolkit to create a different way of positioning your business in a competitive landscape. Download the overview here


What exactly is your business model and can it survive? Like most busy people you probably never have time for questions like this which is precisely why this one-day workshop is for you. It’s a defined, deep dive into the core of your business to check its built for survival. Download the overview here  

The project has received funding from the England European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020. Established by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund helps local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support innovation, businesses, create jobs and local community regenerations. Breakthrough and InFocus are managed by Unlocking Potential, part of The Cornwall College Group.

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