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As part of the Future Focus Programme we are running a number of Labs to help businesses innovate and grow. Labs coming up in 2018 are:

Understanding Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

4th October  08:30 – 12:30

Is there an innovation project you’d love to do in your business? Perhaps you’d like to develop a new product or service or change the way you are doing things. If so now might be the time to think about a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

Refresh & Refocus Workshops – Autumn

Six Sessions Over Three Days: 17th, 24th & 31st October

You may find that as an experienced leader it’s time to re-charge your batteries and revisit what motivates you. This Lab series will help you shake up your approach to leadership and will explore your vision, personal impact and leading and letting go. Following the morning session we will kick off this Lab with keynote Ellis Watson who has fascinating views on leading through disruption, improving processes and has buckets of first-hand experience to draw on from leading and changing businesses. Ellis is known as one of the most inspiring, intelligent and entertaining leaders in the country.

Future Leaders Lab

Three sessions over 3 days: October 10th, Nov/Dec dates TBC

Do you need to take a fresh look at your business this autumn? Here at Future Focus we understand that stepping back from the day-to-day running of your business is critical to your future success. There will be six morning and afternoon workshops across three dates, covering a range of topics, which you can pick and choose from depending on the relevance for your business.

Future Workforce Lab

Three sessions over 3 days: October 10th, Nov/Dec dates TBC

This Lab is all about fostering great teams – re-energising you as a leader with fresh ideas about what makes your employees tick and happy at work. As an experienced business team leader, you may need to respond seasonally to high staff turnover or a fast expanding and contracting workforce. You may have a long-standing family business and find it difficult to challenge the status quo or you may simply want to increase satisfaction and well-being of your work-force. Along with a group of peers we will explore how to connect your team with your companies’ vision and values, how to gain staff buy-in, and morale and help you retain talent.

Sustainable Packaging Day

31st October 2018

Do you know that your business needs to look at alternative packaging options? Does your use of single use plastics affect your brand and customer relationships? If so, our upcoming event will help you look at all the daunting options in a systematic and cost effective way. The event will bring together academics, policy makers, activists, packaging providers, students and businesses from across the UK with the aim of helping you find a solution, whether this is changing the materials that you use or looking at closed loop solutions. This event forms part of the sustainability week at the Falmouth University and University of Exeter, Penryn campus. You will be asked to bring examples or visualisation of your packaging to share your challenges with other businesses.

Brand, Marketing and Digital Communications

Three Sessions: 2nd November, TBC, TBC

This Lab will help you understand what your brand means to your customers and how to communicate the value of your products and services effectively. You’ll identify new and existing customer segments, establish the best ways to engage with your audience and plan the resources needed to deliver your brand strategy and marketing activities. Through our Lab sessions, you will gain active market insights and discover how small businesses can more rapidly explore, pilot and scale new approaches to engagement – enabling you to connect and create a three-dimensional understanding of your customer.

Leading People, Culture & Change

Three Sessions: 7th November, 5th December & 16th January

Are you on the cusp of change? Will you have to expand your team if you want to continue to grow? Are you wondering how your role as leader or senior manager might evolve as the business moves forward? This Lab is designed to help you get the best out of yourself and your employees, so the people in your business know where you’re heading, how to get there and are motivated to work at their full potential.

If you’re interested in any of the Future Focus Labs you can call us on: 0845 6003660 or fill out an expression of interest here.

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