Future Focus Labs

As part of the Future Focus Programme we are running a number of Labs to help businesses innovate and grow. Labs coming up in 2018 are:

Brand, Marketing & Digital Communications

Three sessions: 21st June, 19th July, 24th August

This Lab will help you understand what your brand means to your customers and how to communicate the value of your products and services effectively. You’ll identify new and existing customer segments, establish the best ways to engage with your audience and plan the resources needed to deliver your brand strategy and marketing activities.

Sustainable Design

Three sessions in July and September

Are you looking to make your fashion related business more sustainable? There’s an exciting opportunity to get involved in a University of Exeter, Cornwall campus research project, S4S Designing a Sensibility for Sustainable Clothing. This Lab will help you understand how consumers feel, think and act about sustainable fashion. You will also be able to undertake a combination of fashion business visits to local, regional and national sustainability pioneers.

If you’re interested in any of the Future Focus Labs you can call us on: 0845 6003660 or fill out an expression of interest here.

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Get In Touch To Find Out More