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Future Focus combines inspiration, cutting-edge thinking and practical resources. It’s been created – in partnership with the University of Exeter for Cornwall and IOS business leaders who want to accelerate growth, reduce risk and create change.

We offer a three-part programme combined with our collaborative networks and access to research which will ensure you can break boundaries, innovate and prosper:

  • Events – Superstar keynote speakers sharing their fascinating experience and knowledge.
  • Labs – Industry experts working with you and other leaders in a supportive peer group.
  • Resources – During Labs you’ll develop an action plan. We’ve got a host of high-value resources (including subsidies and funding) as well as access to experts to help you deliver it.

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As part of the Future Focus Programme we run a number of expert lead- peer to peer workshops to help businesses innovate and grow. Focussing on the challenges you want to overcome and opportunities you want to seize, you’ll leave with a really clear direction and an action plan.

These can focus on anything from tools to help cultivate company culture, leadership techniques and leading teams to brand and marketing and more.

If you want to know more, get in touch. To view the Lab overviews, please click here.


Our Future Focus Events give Cornish businesses the opportunity to gain insights and inspiration from world-leading experts and innovators. One of our main aims is for delegates to leave knowing more about themselves as a leader and how to build a high performing team around them. Gaining inspirational insights as well as real clarity about the resources they need in order to evolve and achieve outstanding results.

Held at locations across the county four times a year, these dynamic events are not to be missed. If you want to find out where and when the next Future Focus Event will take place, please click here.


We’ve got funding to support you financially and logistically to bring in more capacity, new knowledge and new equipment or technology. These include: Innovation Coaching

Access to Academics and the latest research and expertise

Funding for Equipment (Resource Grants)

Collaboration Support

Jobs Subsidies including new roles and promotions, Jobs Swap or Secondment support. Click here and get in touch to discuss your business with us.

Here’s how you could benefit from a Knowledge Exchange

Do you have a brilliant brainwave that needs some testing or expertise to research if there’s a likely market for your new business innovation?  Under the Future Focus business support programme, our Knowledge Exchange can do just that!

Scoped through conversations with your business, your Business Development Manager and the Research Team, a Knowledge Exchange will provide insightful data on your potential market size and consumer trends pertinent to your particular industry sector. In a nutshell, it’s the geek gift of confidence to help pitch a new product or service, make a case for investment or funding, or help face up to your next big business innovation.

Here is a collection of Knowledge Exchanges already undertaken by businesses through our Future Focus programme:

Facial Recognition Technology Market Research  Local Crime and Offender Related Research  Luxury Art & Craft Market Research  Mobile Applications Market Research

Offsite and Modular Building Market Research  Recruitment Industry – Referral Recruitment Market Research Statistics Relating to Social Anxiety Condition Tourism Market Opportunities for Activity Providers in Cornwall

Active Health and Wellness Report

Festival Industry and Funding Models

The Natural & Organic Skincare Market

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