Digital Transformation:
Harness the power of digital for
next-generation business

Collaboration is key to digital transformation

Digital pioneers needed to help ambitious Cornish businesses get and stay ahead

The situation:

Many Cornish businesses know – and have seen during 2020 – that doing more digitally saves time, increases market share and means competitive advantage. But they may also be wary of cost, complexity and just the plain old perceived hassle of it all.

As it happens, Cornwall is also home to any number of digital innovators: hi-tech pioneers in software, hardware and the know-how needed to quickly bring about the change those businesses need and want.

The solution:

Bring them all together, of course!

Welcome to Digital Transformation

This unique new ERDF-funded project will help our best, most innovative digital and hi-tech companies blow the minds of businesses who want to up their digital game.

The result of a partnership between Unlocking Potential and Software Cornwall, the programmes been developed with the region’s current and future digital needs at its heart.

It puts the skills of the region’s innovators and problem-solvers front and centre: enabling connection and collaboration, turning great ideas into better business.

Digital underpins the region’s business sector and was already flourishing before March 2020. Since then, digital has become increasingly essential to all; Digital Transformation will boost the local economy by increasing productivity and competitiveness through digital innovation.

The Digital Marketplace

The Digital Marketplace will launch in early 2021 and increase collaboration between digital and other businesses by bringing them together, both physically and via an interactive online marketplace. This will help digital businesses to grow and increase market reach, and help others to increase productivity and competitiveness through digital tools and solutions.


Businesses who need digital help will attend an event and pitch their requirements to potential suppliers. In return, those suppliers pitch their responses.

So that’s work for the digital provider and an upgrade for the business seeking a digital solution: great news for both, as well as for Cornwall.

The Digital Transformation Hub

This is a brand new venue where a lot of this collaboration, networking and peer-to-peer learning will happen (when Covid restrictions allow). It’s where businesses will be able to access expertise from their Digital Innovator as well as attend events, connect with their peers and use the building’s extensive spaces and meeting rooms.

Part of the Fibre Hub, the Digital Transformation Hub will also encompass workspaces, cutting edge digital technology, projection facilities and superfast connectivity.

Our Digital Innovators

These are the people who will make a difference and lead from the front.

Their job is to help Cornish businesses grow more, do more, and do better. This is about more than adopting digital strategies and new technologies, it’s about embedding a digital mindset within the business too. Once a business’s culture begins to change, ‘digital’ is no longer a nice-to-have bolt-on in the form of software or hardware, it’s a state of mind in which innovation and doing business continually feed off each other, two halves of a whole.

Our Digital Innovators’ expertise, passion for supporting businesses and skill in communicating both at events, workshops, and one-to-ones is what sets them apart.

Our Digital Innovators

The programme features dedicated procurement support helping businesses to understand and ‘buy and sell better’ leading to more successful projects for the county.
Through our well-known Jobs support we will be supporting businesses to create specialist digital sector jobs for graduates, and there is also grant funding opportunities for businesses through the programme.

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