Unlocking Potential | January 2020 - Unlocking Potential

January, 2020


Breakthrough Stories: AVO Catering Company

When you start a business you don’t question things, you live in a bubble   Two chefs, Mark Polglase and Danny Wingate, met whilst working at a bustling cafe on ...

Breakthrough Stories: Hannah Beech Illustration

It started by accident, and now my business has grown. Breakthrough has helped me get the nuts and bolts working together.   Hannah Beech is an illustrator Based in Redruth ...

Plate Spinning Made Easy

Plate Spinning? How to actually ‘Get Things Done’, easily.  January 29th 9am – 3pm St Austell Conference Centre Kicking off 2020 we’re inviting Kate Doodson, co-founder of Cosmic UK, ...

InFocus Growth Planning One-Dayer: What to expect

An InFocus Growth Planning One-Dayer takes on board where you’re at and helps you make decisions about where you want to be. As part of the InFocus programme, Growth Planning ...

Breakthrough Stories: LuckTaylor Ceramics

Breakthrough gives you practical tools, such as the Business Model Canvas, to take home and use straight away.  Lucktaylor Ceramics specialise in the creation of hand-built Raku fired ceramics inspired by ...