Unlocking Potential | December 2019 - Unlocking Potential

December, 2019


Unlocking Potential: Our 2019 Team Highlights

The Unlocking Potential Team: Our 2019 Highlights! At Unlocking Potential we’re known for being a diverse and energetic team, complemented by a sense of grounded know-how.  We work incredibly ...

Breakthrough and InFocus: The 2019 highlights

Breakthrough and InFocus: What we’ve been up to in 2019 2019 has been a busy one! We launched Breakthrough 2 for new and early-stage businesses and introduced our brand new InFocus programme ...

Future Focus: The 2019 highlights

Future Focus: Reflections on a busy 2019! We’ve brought ‘rockstar‘ keynotes like Paul Lindley and Holly Tucker to Cornwall through 3 ‘gamechanger’ events with an audience of 375; we ...

Breakthrough Stories: Innoscent Cleaning

I went to the Breakthrough two-dayer with one business and left, having discovered, that I actually had three! Rebecca Varcoe is the owner of Innoscent cleaning, an exclusively eco-friendly cleaning ...

Future Focus Lab Trips 2019

Future Focus Lab Trips 2019 Reflecting on 2019: Future Focus took 70 Cornish businesses on the road to success   Bigger, busier, better: As part of our ERDF-funded Future Focus programme, UP organised five different Lab trips to London ...

Productivity Boosting Apps

Productivity Boosting Apps Self-proclaimed ‘geek girl’, Kate Doodson, gives us the run down on the latest apps that she uses to boost her daily productivity, streamline her to-do list ...

Future Focus: A look back at our highlights (and rockstars)

A look back at Future Focus: Our highlights (and rockstars!) The future might be unwritten, but Future Focus helps you write yours. Fresh ideas, new thinking, inspirational people combine ...

Breakthrough Stories: Lane Architects

Andrea Lane has recently launched her business, Lane Architects, and attended the Breakthrough Workshop to get support in marketing. Andrea Lane has recently launched her business, Lane Architects. Based ...