Unlocking Potential | January 2019 - Unlocking Potential

January, 2019


Brexit Viewpoint: with Allyson Glover

In conversation with Programme Director, Allyson Glover We caught up with Allyson Glover, Programme Director for Unlocking Potential to talk candidly about her thoughts and vision for the Cornish ...

Future Focus Brexit Event – Disruption

Future Focus Brexit Event – Disruption With all Political Parties at loggerheads over the next step in Brexit negotiations, and the path forwards seeming evermore tempestuous for the country, ...

Jennie Wason – Business Development Manager

Jennie is a creative thinker who loves supporting entrepreneurs and communities to transform their ideas into business, environmental and social value. ... Read More

Sophia Goldsack – Senior Project Officer

Sophia joins the Unlocking Potential team as Finance and Administration Officer. Whilst completing her degree in Media Arts, Sophia discovered that although she thrived on being creative, she found her other strengths were in the planning,... Read More

Harnessing The ‘B’ Word

Harnessing The ‘B’ Word Brexit is ever present in the news, with a plethora of opinions about the impact it will have on business… but can this disruption been ...