The Secret Life Of An Entrepreneur

Dean’s Diary: The Pie Shed

Starting a business is a very personal decision. Each business journey comes with its own challenges and rewards. We are therefore very thankful to Dean Mckeown who will be sharing his start-up experience with us. In the coming weeks and months, we will post videos and diary entries from Dean shining a light on his business venture.

The Pie ShedHi my name is Dean Mckeown. I am 36 and have lived in Cornwall with my family since September of last year. My background is in marketing and construction with my current role being workshop manager for a vintage caravan manufacturer. Around Christmas of last year, I decided to make a vintage catering unit and use it to sell handmade pies, mash peas and gravy, an idea I have seen work well in Australia.

Prior to attending the Unlocking Potential and Oxford Innovation Start-Up Business workshop which is fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund, my intention was to make the catering unit, then try find locations and customers to sell my pies to. However, after the workshop, I realised it made more sense to test the market with my products before making a major investment in stock and equipment.

This enabled me to get direct market feedback from my target market, learn the processes required to run a catering unit and to check out the competition.

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