Future Focus

Future Focus

Future Focus is an inspiring and practical programme crafted specifically for Cornwall-based business leaders who want to future-proof their businesses. We understand time is short for those at the top – so we’ll help you discover strength and energy to accelerate growth, reduce risk and create change. This new programme from Unlocking Potential will arm you with the tools, resources and collaborative networks to break boundaries, innovate and prosper.

We encourage business leaders to connect and develop through three Future Focus elements – inspirational speaker events, labs to promote fresh thinking and faster growth, and resources to activate change. At each stage, you will work with collaborative peer networks and with expert facilitators to develop and implement your bespoke innovation plan to grow, adapt and evolve for long-term business success.

The Future Focus programme consists of three main components: Future Focus Events, Future Focus Labs and Future Focus Resources.

Future Focus Programme

Future Focus Events will take place four times a year with hot topics chosen by you. We kick started the programme with a Future Trend event outlining how running a business in Cornwall might look like in years to come.

Future Focus Event Jan 2017As part of Future Focus, we will also be running peer group sessions for business leaders. Those Future Focus Labs will be led by business experts. They are specifically designed to help you find energy and strength to innovate for long-term success. Over a number of sessions, you’ll make beneficial connections and be exposed to practical tools, expert facilitators and fresh thinking to develop and implement an innovation plan for your business.

Our Future Focus Resources aim to activate change within your business. By taking part in Future Focus you’ll receive access to high-value resources and support from experts to develop and deliver your future focused plans. Whether your aim is to cut costs, generate revenue, create capacity or fund equipment, Future Focus Resources reduce risk, increase sustainability and help your business prosper.

If you are interested in taking part in our Future Focus events, please express your interest here.

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