Recruitment Video Advertising is on the Rise

In 2017, video advertising across social media continues to build momentum with a rapid pace of innovation in ad formats and tremendous audience growth. Recruitment advertising is no stranger to this trend. Data shows that candidates are spending considerably more time engaging with video job adverts than those that are only text:

“Candidates spent more than triple (316%) the time on a video job description (2 min. & 54 seconds) than they did on a text job description (55 seconds).

And when a candidate plays the video on the job description the user spends an average of 5 minutes & 23 seconds viewing that job (an increase of 487%).”-

The great thing is, with a smartphone at your disposal, the tools to create a compelling and engaging recruitment video are well within your grasp!

Here at Unlocking Potential Jobs, we encourage employers advertising on our platform to get in front of the camera and use video to show why their companies are great to work for and their opportunity is not one to be missed by encouraging fantastic candidates to join their teams. It’s a huge bonus for candidates too, as they get a unique insight into the company they are applying to with video adverts in a way which is impossible to capture on paper.

We’ve tried and tested video advertising for our own roles, too and have seen a huge 60% increase in our numbers of applicants. Here is our marketing video advert, shot on an iPhone, to give you an idea of what works.

Dos and Don’ts
We’ve put together this short animation to give you some ‘Dos and Don’ts’ on how to make your video job advert stand out.

Example Video Adverts
Here are some of the job adverts we’ve had on Unlocking Potential Jobs, generating terrific responses:

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